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decluttering homes to help life run smoother.
simplifying photos to enjoy the memories made along the way.

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I’m Ashley, a professional organizer who specializes in homes (hello, closets!) and photos based in Canton, Michigan. I love helping people determine and reach their goals. I strive to leave people and places better than when I found them. My job is to help you feel lighter, happier, less stressed, and more confident when your project is complete.

Decluttering & Organizing

Ashley from Grit to Grace Organizing working on decluttering a playroom

Home Organizing Services

Make room for what matters in your current stage of life by clearing the clutter, organizing, and systematizing your home. Common projects:

  • toys
  • closets
  • entryways
  • pantries
  • analyzing the overall flow of the home
Ashley from Grit to Grace Organizing working on organizing digital photos in Mylio

Photo Organizing Services

Our photos are journals for our lives. Tell your story, enjoy your favorites, and create backups to prevent a disaster. Common projects:

  • consolidating digital photo sources & backing up
  • deleting duplicates, renaming files, & adding keywords to make photos searchable
  • photo scanning
  • keepsake photo books
"Ashley did a fantastic job organizing my home. I have been in this home for over 25 years and needed some major organization for every room. Ashley came right on in and took care of everything for me. She found new places for older things and she helped me to learn how to purge and keep things organized. Thank God for Ashley. I look forward to working with her in the future."

Decluttering & Organizing


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