Photo Management Services

Digital Photo Organizer Canton Michigan

Media Assessment & Roadmap

We’ll sit down together and assess your photo situation and goals. The assessment includes:

  • an in-depth inventory of your photo collections
  • the beginnings of a family timeline
Then I’ll create a roadmap of exactly how to get you from point A to B. At this point you can DIY, or I can wave a magic wand and do it all for you!


Digital Photo Organizing

Getting your photos organized only needs to happen once. Then let your system work for you. When I am done organizing your photos, they will be accessible, searchable, and backed up. Now that is peace of mind.

pricing varies based on project

Photo Scanning

Curate and digitize your printed photo collection to ensure it is safe and searchable. 

pricing varies based on project

photo management services canton mi


Collect, contain, and organize your kids’ artwork, schoolwork, and memorabilia to easily reference and enjoy. Common projects:

  • memory boxes
  • artwork binders
  • scanning to create keepsake photo books

pricing vary based on project

Breathe easy knowing your memories are organized and backed up.