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It's nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Ashley, a home & photo organizer based out of Canton, Michigan. With an on-call spouse and 2 young kids in a world that often feels out of control, I strive to simplify my home and digital devices as much as possible to make my life easier. Organizing and decluttering is therapeutic and helps me breathe. I combine my personal life experiences and my background in Psychology and Health Behavior and Education to help other families improve their mental and physical health through letting go of clutter.

Why home Organizing?

My story stems from two motivators: the mission to tailor each living space to work for each stage in life; and the goal as a mom to have less to do.

I have a passion for DIY projects, efficiency, order, and things that look nice. Professional Organizing combines these passions to help others. Learning how to make life smoother and simpler is in my blood. I love problem solving through space planning and getting my hands on things to get projects done. 

Having an uncluttered, functional space influences all areas of life for the better.  

Why photo Organizing?

After panicking that I lost the videos of my daughter as a baby, and only receiving texts of the funniest photos my husband took, I knew I needed to take more serious action in getting my digital data organized and backed up.

Seeing how common of a problem this, and boxes of scattered photos and memorabilia are (either our own or passed down from relatives), I became a member of The Photo Managers, and a Mylio Photos Certified Consultant. Our photos are so important and one day they may be all we have. I want you, your children, and close friends and family to smile and cry tears of joy looking back at your precious memories.

Random Facts

  • I go by my middle name
  • I am a homebody at heart
  • I consider myself a laid-back perfectionist
  • One of my biggest accomplishments was running a marathon in 2012
  • I am an enneagram 1 and ISFJ
  • I am a mom to over 30 plant babies
  • My favorite way to recharge is eating pizza in bed while watching Gilmore Girls

Things that bring me joy:

  • Eating ice cream directly out of the container
  • House plants
  • Watching my kids at the Petoskey 4th of July parade
  • Being outside
  • Projects (painting, DIY, organizing)
  • Garage sales
  •  Budgeting
  • Simplicity
  • Bike rides with my kids
  • Birkenstocks
  • Playing Code Names and Euchre
  • Exercising (running, barre, yoga)
  • A night away in a new place with my husband
  • Paint colors

Think we'd make a good fit?

"Ashley is a pleasure to work with! She helped me complete 2 major goals for 2023 in just a few sessions. Our family went through a transition with our kids now off to college and I needed to clear all the clutter in our basement. She also helped me create an amazing workplace environment since I am working from home permanently. Ashley has a calm, gentle and respectful nature to help you process all those "things" that maybe you still have but don't really need anymore. Highly recommend her services!!"
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