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Photo Organizing Services

Plymouth-Canton, Michigan, the Ann Arbor area, & Virtual

Digital Photo Organizing

Getting your photos organized only needs to happen once. When I am done with your project you will have one consolidated photo collection that is searchable, free of duplicates, and backed up. Now that is peace of mind. 

Photo Scanning

Curate and digitize your printed photo collection to ensure it is accessible and preserves your family history. Downsize and organize boxes of photos, old albums and frames and safely archive your collection for generations to come.


Eliminate overflowing boxes of scattered memories. I will digitize the most precious artwork, schoolwork, and memorabilia in a high quality that is easy to reference and enjoy. Online galleries and photo book creation is available.

Prevent a disaster.

What to Expect:

Start Here

Schedule a consult or request a quote and we'll discuss your current photo situation and goals. 


This is your hardest part! Before our first meeting create a list of your photo inventory, collect all your digital and physical photo sources in one place, and begin mapping out a family timeline. I will help guide you through this.

We'll Meet

In-person or over zoom, we'll consolidate your photos. If they are all digital we'll bring them to an organizing drive. If they are physical, we'll place them in weather-proof boxes and I will bring them to my home. This meeting generally takes 2-3 hours.

The Magic Happens

I will organize your photos for you, with check-ins and updates periodically. Most projects take 4-6 weeks.

Special Delivery!

Once your project is complete I will deliver all drives, photos, etc. back to you as well as a consolidated photo collection, curated for you, and ready for you to enjoy.

Access your memories in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have decades of pictures, that were all very disorganized and located in many places. Ashley helped tremendously by first identifying my goals, then working efficiently and collaboratively to get over 20,000 pictures in order. I not only came away with a beautifully organized collection (now devoid of clutter) but also a plan moving forward for keeping it this way. I am already using my photos more that I am able to find them easily. 10/10 recommend to anyone who wants to be able to easily access cherished memories!

A professional photo organizer is for you if....

  • You do not have the time to allocate to this project.
  • You are overwhelmed by technology.
  • Your photos are scattered in all different places.
  • You’re unsure what is where and waste hours searching for a favorite photo.
  • Nothing is backed up.
  • You want all your siblings to have access to your childhood photos.

Ready to transform your photo collection?

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