5 Ways to Declutter & Simplify a Child’s Bedroom


A bedroom is a place to step away from the chaos of life and recharge. Kids’ bedrooms should provide peace, show their personalities, and also be a place to play and read. Here are 5 tips to simplify a child’s bedroom to create a calm, organized space.

Too Big, Too Small, & Off Season Bins

These categories make for easy changing out of clothes as needed. The open tops are great for tossing and easily seeing whats in there. When the too-small category gets full, it’s time to box them up or pass them along.
A bonus category that can be used for children of all ages: Holiday. Keep holiday-specific clothing here for easy access. Just make sure it’s in a spot that it won’t get forgotten!
Pictured: A favorite, durable, budget-friendly bin on a 16″ deep shelf.

Categorize & Label

First decide whether you want to hang, toss, or fold the clothes. What is maintainable, and what resonates with your child? File folding is a great way to see each item, and bins or drawer dividers help keep order. Adding a label is essential for sustainable organization.

Establish a Laundry Routine

Keeping each family member’s laundry separate is one way to simplify the process. Pick a day for each person. This eliminates the need to sort, and is a smaller load to put away. If the clothes can’t be put away right away, they can be placed in the correct room and you’ll know where things are if needed. It also makes it easier for kids to help with the process!

Provide Breathing Room

A goal is to have designated places for each type of toy, and not overload the space. If kids are too overwhelmed to tidy their rooms on their own, there are too many objects in the room. Some ideas for book and toy storage: a cube shelf in the closet, the bottom drawer of their dresser, a cart, or a basket.

Maintain a Memory Box

Designating a spot for the most treasured keepsakes provides a streamlined process for the most important papers and photos.
I also recommend having an “incoming” drawer or bin (anywhere in the house) for each child’s incoming papers/artwork/etc. All papers go here until you designate time every two months or the end of a season or semester to decide what you want to keep, recycle, and toss.

Feeling like your child's bedroom needs an overhaul?

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